Meet Our Team

We’re a team of therapists in Calgary, AB disciplined in Massage Therapy (RMT), Active Rehabilitation (Kinesiology), Chiropractic Therapy and Physiotherapy. We are collective learners who strive to help you build a sustainable and healthy body. Let us help you enable your body to reach its full potential.


Assistant Manager


Noah Patterson

Programming Editor


Tess Anderson

Art Director

Thomas Myers


Author of Anatomy Trains

and considered a legend in the rehab industry

His teachings and his books have helped thousands of professionals 

Gilbert Park


Director of Education for Myodetox.

Physiotherapist and clinical director in Vancouver

Bruce Lee in the flesh. Gil is amazing at what he does and has taught me so much.

Andrew Sabarre


VP Clinical development at Myodetox



Dru's extensive knowledge in manual therapy, sports medicine and injury prevention has elevated my practice in quality patient care. 

Christina Lumba


Clinical/RMT Development at Myodetox

RMT, BSc Kin, FST2

Christinas extensive knowledge with manual therapy and her guidance helped me grow as a practioner in this field. Super friendly and extremely authentic.